1. Map

1.1 What is Strategy Map?

The Strategy Map is a general map of the area from your view, on which your city, your Allies’ cities, the buildings of you alliance, Kingdom Relics and tribes are all located.

You can check the information of an item or a location by tapping it on the Strategy Map. You can also view the distribution of resource mines of different levels.

The Strategy Map entrance is shown below.

1.2 What’s the effect of different landforms?

When the city is teleported, different landforms bring different resource production boosts to the city.

Plain: Food production +20%

Forest: Wood production +20%

Desert: Stone production +20%

When a battle happens, different landforms have different impacts on troops.

Plain: Cavalry attack +20%

Forest: Infanty attack +20%

Desert: Archer & Auxiliary attack +20%

1.3 What is World Map?

On World Map you can take a look at all the currently open Kingdoms and Wonders of the kingdoms. Also you can inform your Alliance. Select a kingdom on the map and tap ‘Enter’ to view the Kingdom map.

World Map entrance is shown below.

1.4 What are Resource Mines and types of them?

You can send the troops to collect resources. Resource collecting takes a certain time.

Here are the Resource Mine types:

Farm: Food

Logging Camp: Wood

Quarry: Stone

Metal Mine: Metal (only for players above lv.8)

Silver Treasure: Silver (only for players above lv.12)

Gold Treasure: Gold (rare)

1.5 What is a Town and how to become a Chief?

Towns are sparsely populated settlements in the Kingdom. After you attack a Town on your own and occupy it for a certain period of time you will become the Chief of it.

1.6 What is a County and how to become a Headman?

Counties are populous settlements in the Kingdom. You can only attack or initiate a rally towards a County by joining an Alliance. Your Alliance can only control a County after a success attack and an occupy for a certain period of time. The leader of the Alliance will become the Headman.

1.7 What is Race Capital?

Human Capital: City Fasher, a city built in honour of Squid Fasher the Magician, who sealed the Relic. Now City Fasher is the main gathering place for humans. The current Governor is Adam Justice.

Orc Capital: City Angband, which once was an oasis in the desert before the Orcs accepted the Elders. Now City Angband is the gathering place for orcs.

1.8 What are the Palace and the Temple at the center of a Kingdom map?

The Palace is a building guarding the Relic and the Temple guards the Palace. Together they’re called the Wonder.

After the mist around the Wonder is unlocked, The Elders will hold scrambles regularly. The Alliance which get the highest score in scrambles will become the Guarding Alliance of the Kingdom and the leader become the King. The leaders of the Alliances which rank 2 to 5 will become Grand Dukes to resist the Legion and govern the Kingdom with the Elders.

For details: ‘Wonder & Relic’

1.9 What are Alliance Buildings?

For now Alliance buildings are:

Alliance Shrine: The Alliance shrine increases the Alliance Dominance and keeps the Relic temporarily during cross-district events

Alliance Turret: When the Alliance Shrine is under attack, the Turret will take part in the battle. It also increases the Alliance Dominance boost.

For details: ‘Alliance buildings’

1.10 What’s a Legion Base?

The Legion Bases are cities of the Legion on the map. You can scout or attack a Legion Base, also you can collect rewards of victory.

1.11 What’s a Legion Portal?

The Legion Portals are the departure spots of the Legion Raiders.

For details: ‘Legion Raider’

1.12 What’s a Fort?

The Fort is a military segment you built within your Kingdom. It can be teleported and send troops like the Castle.

For details: ‘Castle & Fort’

1.13 What is the Mirror City?

When your city is teleported into expedition map, a Mirror City will replaced the city on the Kingdom map. When returning from an expedition, the Mirror City will vanish.

1.14 What is Mist? Can my troops march through it?

At the initial state of a Kingdom, most areas are covered by mist. You need to reach some conditions to unlock the mist.

Your city cannot be teleported to mist-covered areas. You cannot send your troops there, either. But you can march through them.

1.15 How to unlock Mist?

Tap on the mist and unlocking conditions will pop out. Once the conditions are reached the mist will be unlocked automatically.

1.16 How to locate a given set of coordinate?

The coordinate on the top left corner shows the center site on the map. You can tap it to open the coordinate-locating interface, and then input the coordinate you’re going and tap magnify glass to locate it.

2. Castle & Fort

2.1 How to change the city name?

Tap ‘City List’ on the main interface and select the city. Then tap pencil button to fill in the new name. Each renaming will cost ‘City Rename’ item.

2.2 What is a city’s Durability and how to enhance it?

City and Alliance Buildings have durability attribute. The city will be on fire following a defense failure. The durability decreases every time it burns.

When the durability cut down on zero, the City will be teleported within the Kingdom randomly but Forts and other buildings will be withdrawn.

2.3 How to build a Fort?

You can build a Fort in the following 2 ways when conditions are satisfied:

Tap on the unoccupied site on the map and then tap ‘Build’.

2. Tap on the unbuilt Fort within Castle and then tap ‘Build’.

Building a Fort takes up a building queue.

2.4 What can be done to my Fort?

Once the Fort is built, you can upgrade the buildings in it, send garrison troops and heroes, and dispatch troops from it. (All types of troops can depart from the Fort.)

You can also teleport the Fort to a random or an intended place, transport resources to a Fort or open a shield for it.

2.5 What can be done to my allies’ Fort?

Like the Allies’ cities, you can dispatch your troops for guard or transport resources.

2.6 What can be done to unallied player’s Fort?

Like the unallied players’ cities, you can scout, attack or declare a war.

2.7 How to upgrade Fort?

Tap Fort on map and tap ‘Enter’. Then tap the Command Center. The same as upgrading other buildings, upgrading a Ford will take up a queue.

2.8 Where does troops in Forts come from?

When a Fort is built, you can tap the Fort in city or on the map and then tap ‘Dispatch’. After selecting heroes and troops, the troop is sent in the Fort.

The troops is stationed in the Fort to safeguard the Fort. They can also depart from the Fort to carry out tasks like attack or collecting.

2.9 Where does the food consumed by Fort troops come from?

They consume food from the Castle.

2.10 Where are the wounded troops in the Fort and how to cure them?

The garrison troops will come back to the Fort when they are wounded. Tap Command Center of the Fort or Hospital of the Castle to heal them. Healing wounded troops in Fort consumes resources.

IMPORTANT: Wounded troops in Fort or Castle take up Hospital’s capacity.

2.11 What should I do if my Fort is attacked when constructing/upgrading?

You can dispatch troops for the constructing/upgrading Fort. Also your Allies can send troops for your Fort. A shield can be open.

2.12 Why does my Fort disappear from the map?

Fort has durability. When the durability is cut down on zero, the Fort will retract into Castle. To put them back on map you have to use the ‘Fort Tractor’ item.

3. Alliance

3.1 What are Alliances and how do they work?

Alliances are organizations created by Lords like you. You can choose either to join an alliance or create one. By joining an alliance you can find like-minded friends to develop and fight together. Your allies can help you to speed up construction and research. You and your allies can initiate a War Rally towards strong enemies.

Also you can purchase items in Alliance Store. Alliances have other benefits like Alliance Technology, Chests, Boost and Leader Event.

3.2 How does Alliance Help works?

Each Ally’s Help can speed up 1% of the time, no less than 1 minute.

3.3 How to get Alliance Chests?

Here are ways to get Alliance Chests:

Destroy Legion Bases;

Pass Alliance Trials;

Purchase Gold or Packages.

Join Alliance event.

3.4 How to improve Alliance level?

Alliance level improves automatically when Alliance EXP reaches a certain level. You can get more Alliance EXP in the following ways:

Alliance Event participation and ranking award

Alliance Palace and Temple occupation

3.5 What is Alliance Store and how does it work?

In an Alliance Store you can use Loyalty to purchase items. But firstly Alliance Managers need to use Alliance Funds to purchase items from the Store Catalog. Then Alliance Members could buy items in the Alliance Store.

3.6 What is Loyalty and how to get Loyalty?

Loyalty is a kind of currency that you can get by making contribution to your Alliance. Loyalty can be used to purchase items in Alliance Store. Here are ways to get Loyalty:

Do Alliance Exploration Quests

Collect Alliance Chest rewards

Help allies to speed up

Donate Alliance technology

Please note that you can earn 20 Loyalty by helping an Ally speed up for once. And you can earn as much as 4000 Loyalty a day by helping. Your help chances will be reset on 0:00 (server time).

3.7 What is Alliance Fund and How to get it?

Alliance Fund is an Alliance attribute. To develop an Alliance and get rewards, Alliance Fund is required. Here are ways to get Alliance Fund:

Complete Alliance exploration trials;

Patrol the Alliance-occupied County;

Collect Alliance Chest rewards.

3.8 What is Alliance Research and how to upgrade it?

Alliance research can improve Alliance attribute as well as Alliance members’ attributes.

To do Alliance Researches Alliance members need to donate resources to get EXP. When EXP reaches a certain level the Alliance managers can use Fund to do Alliance Research. Upgrading it takes some time.

3.9 How to manage relationships with other Alliances?

Only the Alliance Leader is able to change the relationships with other Alliances. The default relationship of 2 Alliances is neutral. To change it, tap ‘Relationship’ on the Alliance detail page.

Check the list of friendly and neutral Alliances and change Alliance Relationship on the ‘Alliance’ - ‘Manage’ - ‘Relationship’ page.

IMPORTANT: Alliance Relationship is one-way. When you set an Alliance as a friendly Alliance, its relationship with your Alliance can be friendly, neutral or hostile.

3.10 How to start a Leader Event? Can I take part in a Leader Event if I quit an Alliance?

The Alliance Leader and Vice-leader can use Alliance Fund to start a Leader Event. There will be a preview period before the Event actually starts. After the preview period, the Points will be scored if Point requirement is reached.

All the Alliance members can take part in the Event. If you quit the Alliance midway, the Event will disappear. You can take part in the Event again when you rejoin an Alliance and your Points stay the same.

3.11 How to activate Alliance Boost?

The Alliance Leader and Vice Leader can use Alliance Fund to activate Alliance Boost, which applied to all Alliance members.

Alliance Boost no longer applies to you when you quit an Alliance. You can enjoy it by rejoining one.

3.12 How to advertise for new member recruitment in chats?

To advertise for new member recruitment, you can tap the plus button beside the member number on the Alliance page, or you can tap ‘Alliance’ - ‘Manage’ - ‘Application settings’ - ‘New member recruitment’. It costs you Gold.

3.13 How to leave an Alliance?

Tap ‘Alliance’ - ‘Manage’ - ‘Leave Alliance’. To leave an Alliance requires double confirm.

A leader can leave an Alliance when the leader title is transferred.

3.14 How to transfer the Leader position?

Two ways to transfer Leader position:

Tap ‘Alliance’ - ‘Manage’ - ‘Transfer leader’, and enter the new Leader nickname to transfer.

Tap ‘Alliance’ - ‘Members’, and tap on the member, then tap ‘Tranfer’.

3.15 What if the Leader was offline for a long time?

Please contact our customer service. We would check and deal with it.

3.16 How send a mail to all Alliance members?

Only members whose rankings are Elders or above have the right to mail all Alliance members. Tap ‘Alliance’ - ‘Manage’ - ‘Mail All’.

3.17 Why can’t I leave a message on the Alliance message board?

Alliance message board is for public communications. Only the Leader and Vice leader can leave a message and manage the box.

4. Alliance Building

4.1 What is Workload? How to speed up constructing or upgrading Alliance buildings?

Workload is an indicator for Alliance Building construction. It shows the needed time to construct the Alliance Buildings. Construction can be speeded up by reinforcing troops.

Rather than cut down the time directly, the reinforcement troops increase construction speed. Without reinforcement, 1 workload equals 1 second. With reinforcement troops of 100,000 Power, the construction speed doubles. With reinforcement troops of 200,000 Power, the constructions triples. The format is: construction speed with reinforcement troops of n*100k Power = construction speed without reinforcement * (1 + n).

4.2 What is Dominance? How to improve Dominance?

The Alliance shrine exerts Dominance to the surrounding area. The area will become the territory of the Alliance which has the highest Dominance.

Upgrading Alliance shrine can increase Dominance and expand influence scope. The farther the site is away from from the shrine, the less the Dominance shrine exerts to the site. Alliance Turret has Dominance boost. Constructing Turrets in territory can increase Dominance to the area around Turrets.

4.3 What is Alliance territory and how does it work?

If an Alliance has the highest Dominance towards a site, the site will become the territory of the Alliance. Except for Alliance shrine, other Alliance Buildings must be constructed within the territory.

Alliance territory brings boosts to the Alliance County, and deboosts to Counties of other Alliances.

4.4 What is Alliance Shrine and how does it work?

The Alliance shrine exerts Dominance to the surrounding area. A site will become the territory of the Alliance which has the highest Dominance to the site.

Upgrading Alliance shrine can increase Dominance and expand influence scope. The farther the area is away from from the shrine, the less the Dominance shrine exerts to the site. If the shrine is retracted, the Dominance it exerts to area will vanish.

4.5 What is Alliance Turret and how does it work?

Alliance Turret can only be built or put within Alliance territory. As a defensive Alliance Building, Alliance Turret protects shrine and increases Dominance to grounding area.

4.6 What is an Alliance Resource Mine and how does it work?

The Alliance Leaders can cost some Alliance Fund to put some Resource Mines for Allies to collect. Alliance Resource Mine can only be put within Alliance territory and for one time, only one kind of Resource Mine can be put.

Alliance Resource Mine is open for all Allies to collect at the same time, and they won’t be under attack on it. But, every one can send only one troop for it. And when the Resources are dried up, the Resource Mine need to be put again.

4.7 Why are our Alliance Buildings no longer on map?

The Alliance Buildings will be retracted into Alliance under following circumstances:

The Durability of Alliance shrine or Turret is zero;

The Resource of Alliance Resource Mine is dried up;

The Dominance is zero;

Alliance Leaders retraction.

4.8 How to unlock or upgrade Alliance Resource Mine?

Unlocking or upgrading Alliance Researches of ‘Resource Mine Level’ can unlock or upgrade Resource Mines.

5. Hero & Equipment

5.1 What is a Hero and how to obtain a Hero?

A Hero is an important battle unit, who can lead troops in a battle, bring boosts to troops, and release Skills to hit opponent directly. In a battle the Hero won’t be attacked or killed.

Ways to obtain Heroes:

Making a wish in the Wishing Well;

Collecting Hero Fragments to summon one.

Tap Wishing Well and then book button on the top left corner to see all Heroes and their corresponding stories. A Hero can be summoned when enough Fragments are collected.

5.2 How do Hero Fragments work?

After collecting Fragments of a Hero to a certain amount, you can summon the Hero by tapping on ‘Wishing Well’ and then the book button on the top left corner.

When the Hero is summoned, the left Fragments can be used for Hero quality evolvement.

5.3 I got a Hero, but why can’t I find him/her?

You can check collected Heroes by tapping ‘Hero Hall’ - ‘Hero’. For every Hero you can have only one of them. If you get a second same Hero by wishing, the Hero will turn to Fragments automatically.

5.4 What is Leadership and how to improve it?

Leadership is an indicator for Hero Power. It represents the Hero strength.

Upgrading, evolving a Hero or equipping a Hero with better equipment and Gems will increase Leadership.

5.5 How do Hero Boosts work?

Hero boosts take effect on all troops in the battle. The equipment and Gems embedded in equipment can also increase boosts.

5.6 How to refresh Hero Boosts?

Boosts of a Hero can be refreshed on the detail page of the Hero. The refreshing can be canceled if you’re unsatisfied with the changes. But the Gold won’t be returned.

5.7 What is Strong Troop and how does it work?

Different Heroes have different troop units they master, which are called Strong Troop.

The following attribute can only be applied to units of Strong Troop:

Strong Troop Number: In a battle including the Hero’s Strong Troop units, these troop units will get an additional Attack which equals to the Strong Troop number, but no more than 200% of original troop number.

For example, a Hero with Swordsman as the Strong Troop and Strong Troop Number 3000:

When he or she leads 10,000 Swordsmen, the troops in battle will gain additional Attack of 3,000 Swordsmen.

When he or she leads 200 Swordsmen, the troops in battle can only gain additional Attack of 200 Swordsmen.

Strong Troop Number can only be applied to Strong Troop Units, and can work together with other combat boosts, including:

Strong Troop Attack boost;

Strong Troop Armour boost;

Strong Troop Health boost;

Strong Troop icons are as follows:

Human units: Swordsman : Knight : Musketeer : Mage

Orc units : Warrior : Wolfrider : Javelineer : Shaman

Dwarf mercenary units: Merc-Hammer: Ram Knight : Cannoneer: Demonlisher

5.8 How to upgrade Heroes?

When EXP obtained exceeds upgrading required EXP, a Hero will be upgraded automatically. Continuous upgrading is allowed.

Ways to obtain EXP:

Battles on Maps except for Strategy Map;

Apply EXP items on Heroes.

5.9 How to evolve a Hero?

With enough fragments and items, you can choose to evolve a Hero on the Hero detail page.

5.10 What is a Hero skill?

A Hero can have several skills. As a Hero evolves, the skills will be unlocked gradually. You can enhance an unlocked skill on the Hero detail page.

A skill is released automatically in a battle, causing boosts or debuffes or direct loss to opponent troops.

5.11 What is a Preset Formation?

A Preset Formation includes the position and troop number of each units, which can help players to choose a march Formation or a Defence Formation quickly. A Preset Formation can be changed at any time ,but march troops already setting off and saved Defence Formation won’t be affected.

5.12 What is equipment and how to acquire a piece of equipment?

A Hero can be equipped with equipment. Equipment provides boosts for Heroes. You can craft equipment.

5.13 How to enhance equipment?

You can enhance equipment on the equipment detail page. After enhancement, equipment’s attributes will be improved and can provide stronger boosts to the Hero.

5.14 How to improve the quality of equipment?

Equipment’s quality can be improved by absorbing certain type of materials and the equipment of the same kind. When the required EXP is reached the quality will be upgraded automatically.

5.15 How to obtain Materials & Gems?

Ways to obtain materials & gems:

1. Attacking the Legion Bases

2. Trials

3. Events, Quests, and Chests

5.16 How to embed a gem in equipment?

You can embed a gem into a gem hole in equipment by tapping on the empty gem hole on the equipment detail page.

5.17 What is an Heirloom Equipment?

Heirloom Equipment is special equipment. Its attributes and effective gem holes vary according to the Hero level.

5.18 What is Package Attributes?

When a Hero wears a certain number of equipment of the same Package, additional attributes will be activated.

5.19 How to obtain a Package?

6. Troop

6.1 What is a troop and how does it work?

A troop is a basic combat unit. Troops take part in battles and attack opponents automatically according to specific tactics as well as defend themselves.

6.2 How to obtain and upgrade troops?

Troops can be obtained by recruitment and upgraded on the Barrack page.

6.3 How does a troop skill work?

Troop skills are triggered automatically in battles.

6.4 What are the counterattack relationships between each Attack type and Defence Type?

On the recruitment page, tap the icon of troop unit Attack Type and Defence Type, and the counterattack details will pop out. The counterattack rates decide the final Attack.

6.5 What are Fortifications and how do they work?

Fortifications consist of a Wall and Turrets. When the City, Alliance Shrine, Palace and Temple are under attack, Fortifications take part in battles.

The Wall can resist attack and the Turrets can attack opponent troops. Fortifications will turn to its original state in every battle.

6.6 How to upgrade Fortifications?

By upgrading the Wall, Turrets, Alliance Buildings, Palace and Temple, corresponding Fortifications will be upgraded automatically.

6.7 Why do some troops get injured and some killed in a battle?

Under different circumstances, the injury rate and death rate are different. Both injured troops and killed troops are losses in a battle.

6.8 How to avoid troops being killed?

A reasonable arrangement of Hero and troops, War Rally or defence together with Allies are effective strategies.

When facing enemies much more powerful, to put on a Peace Shield would be a good option.

7. March & War

7.1 Can I attack or scout a City under a Peace Shield?

You cannot attack or scout a City under a Peace Shield.

7.2 How to launch a combat?

Tap on your target and select troops. Then a batch of troops are sent out. A battle happens when they arrive at their destination.

After joining an Alliance, you can choose to initiate a Rally, to attack an enemy together with your Allies.

7.3 How to resist the attack from an enemies?

You can set a Defence Hero on the Wall, and keep enough troops in the City to resist attack. Also Allies’ reinforcements would be of great help.

If your enemy is much more powerful, you can put on a Peace Shield to avoid war before your enemies arrived.

7.4 Where do injured troops go?

Injured troops will go to Hospitals. When the the amount of injured troops is beyond the Hospital capacity, excessive troops will die.

7.5 Why are the casualty rates of 2 sides different?

The casualty rate is set by system. Battles on different locations have different casualty rates of 2 sides.

7.6 Which kind of troops will get prior treatment when the hospital capacity is limited?

If the amount of injured troops exceeds Hospital capacity:

The troop unit of higher Power will be treated first.

Troops with the same Power will be treated simultaneously.

7.7 Why do I only get limited information from Scouting?

If opponent’s Anti-Scout level is higher than your Scout level, you can only get limited information.

7.8 I used Teleport when I witnessed troops marching to me, but I was still attacked. Why?

According to game rules, if you use Teleport when you witness troops marching to you, these troops will arrive at you City immediately and you’ll be attacked. Please do not use Teleport to avoid troops already setting off.

8. Rally & Defence

8.1 What is a War Rally & Defence and how to view details?

A War Rally is the war initiated by your Alliance. A War Defence is a war to defend your Allies.

You can view details in ‘War Rally & Defence’ on your Alliance page.

8.2 How to launch a War Rally?

You can launch a War Rally towards the Cities or Alliance Buildings of non-friendly Alliances after joining an Alliance. If the City owner isn’t in any Alliance, you can only launch a War Rally towards Cities above a certain level.

8.3 How to donate troops to a Rally initiated by an Ally?

When your Ally launch a Rally, you can view details on the Alliance ‘War Rally’ page.

You can donate a batch of troops before the Rally countdown ends. Donated troops will be controlled by the Rally initiator and you cannot recall them.

8.4 What if the levels of my donated troops is different from those of Rally initiator’s?

Troops of different levels will be converted to the same levels of initiator based on basic Health. If your race is different from initiator, conversion will be based on highest Health.

For example: Lv.1 Swordsmen with 1400 basic Health & Lv.2 Swordsmen with 2800 Health

If the Swordsmen of initiator are Lv.2, and your donated Swordsmen are Lv.1, these donated Swordsmen will be converted to 500 Lv.2 Swordsmen. (1000*1400/2800=500)

8.5 Can I recall donated troops?

You cannot recall donated troops directly, but you can ask the initiator to send back your troops.

8.6 Who set the Formation of donated troops?

The Formation is set by the Rally initiator.

8.7 How to reinforce my Ally when someone starts a War Rally towards him or her?

You can view Rally Defence details on Alliance Rally Defence page. You can reinforce you Ally with a batch of troops.

8.8 When to reinforce?

You can reinforce you allies at any time. But your City should not be distant away from you Ally’s City.

8.9 Can I send a Hero together with troops?

Heroes cannot be included in reinforcements.

8.10 What if the levels of my reinforcements are different from those of my Ally’s?

The reinforcement levels will be the same as those of your Ally’s. If you and your Ally are different races, the level would be the highest level of the same unit.

9. Wonder & Relic

9.1 What is a Wonder and what can I get by occupying a Wonder?

The Wonder includes a Palace and 4 Temples.

You can occupy the Wonder when you’re in an Alliance. The Alliance Leader will be the King after his or her Alliance occupy the Palace. Alliance Leaders whose Alliances occupy the Temples will be Grand Dukes. When the scramble period ends, the positions of King and Grand Dukes will be assigned according to points by system.

9.2 Where is the Wonder and how to find it?

The Wonder, including the Palace and 4 Temples, is in the Map center. The 4 Temples are on the North, South, East, and West of the Palace.

9.3 When can we occupy the Wonder?

You can occupy the Wonder when it is in its scramble period.

9.4 How to be the King or a Grand Duke?

The Alliance Leader who occupies the Palace will be the King. The Alliance Leaders who occupy the Temples will be Grand Dukes.

9.5 How to get positions other then King and Grand Dukes?

Other positions are assigned by the King or Grand Dukes.

9.6 How to assign positions?

King and Grand Dukes have the permission to assign positions. After becoming a King or a Grand Duke, you can assign a position by tapping on the City you want to assign to.

9.7 What can a King do in the Wonder protection period?

When the Wonder is in its protection period, the King can launch King Events. You can view Events by tapping on the button above the Palace.

9.8 What is the Relic?

Each Kingdom has a Relic. In game the Legion and Kingdoms scramble for the Relics.

9.9 When and how to scramble for the Relic?

You can scramble the Relics during KvK Events. After occupying the Palace of other Kingdom for some while, your Alliance will get the Relic.

9.10 Where is the obtained Relic shown?

The Relic obtained by your Alliance will be shown on the Alliance Shrine. If no Alliance Shrine is placed or other Relic has been put on the Alliance Shrine, your Alliance will be unable to scramble for other Relics.

9.11 What’s the reward for Relic scramble?

If your Alliance obtains a Relic and keeps it occupied for some time, your Alliance will be the Conqueror Alliance. The Leader will be the Conqueror and other members will get abundant rewards.

9.12 Can we scramble for Relics of many Kingdoms?

One Alliance Shrine for one Relic. If your Alliance has many Shrines, you can scramble for many Relics.

9.13 Can we occupy many Wonders at the same time?


9.14 How to defend a occupied Wonder?

After occupying a Wonder, you can send troops there to defend it.

9.15 How to view the troop distribution after occupying a Wonder?

You can tap the ‘View Defence’button above the Palace or Temple to view the information of each batch of troops. Also you can view troop amount of each unit by tapping on ‘Details’.

9.16 How to choose the Wonder Defence Hero?

The Leader can change the Defence Hero on the Wonder Defence Page. If the Leader never changes the Defence Hero, system will choose the Hero of highest Power to be the Defence Hero.

9.17 How’s the combat boosts on the Wonder calculated?

The Palace/Temple combat boosts are determined by the boosts of King/Grand Dukes.

9.18 Does items like Peace Shields, Anti-Scout, or Fake Army used by the King or Grand Dukes work for the Wonder?

These items won’t take effect on the Wonder.

9.19 How many troops can I reinforce the wonder with?

A player can send many batches of troops but no more than the maximum amount of reinforcements.

9.20 What if the Wonder’s Defence troops aren’t the same level?

All reinforcements will be turned to the same level of the Alliance Leader who occupies the Palace.

9.21 I’m the Leader of winning Alliance, why can’t I assign positions to my members?

The Conqueror cannot assign the positions in conquered Kingdom or get the boosts. But he or she can assign positions to the player in the conquered Kingdom.

9.22 Why the King position remains vacant when we’ve already conquered that Kingdom?

When your Alliance conquer the other Kingdom, the Leader will become the conqueror. There will be no more King or Grand Dukes in the conquered Kingdom.

9.23 Our Alliance was occupying the Wonder when the scramble ended but we are not King, why?

When the scramble ends, the positions of King and Grand Dukes are assigned according to points.

9.24 How to improve Kingdom EXP?

You can improve the Kingdom EXP by patrolling Settlements or attending King Events. The more active you’re in game, the faster the Kingdom EXP increases.

9.25 How to upgrade a Kingdom?

With enough EXP, the King can launch Kingdom Upgrading Event. The Kingdom is upgraded when the highest Participation Prize is achieved.

9.26 How to launch a King Event?

In the Wonder protection period, the King can launch King Events on the King Event page.

10. Town & County

10.1 How many Counties and Towns are there in a Kingdom?

You can count by your self on the Strategy Map. (40 Towns, 8 Counties.)

10.2 How is the scramble time of occupying a Town or County calculated?

If you’re defeated by other players during your occupation of the Town or County, the occupation time will count from the start. If no winner emerges during a long time, the scramble period will be shortened.

10.3 How many states are there for Town and County? How do they convert?

Towns and Counties are called ‘Settlements’ collectively. They are ruled by the Legion at the beginning. If you defeated the Legion, the scramble period begins. If you win, you’ll get the Settlement and the protection begins. If you perform bad on controlling it, the Settlement may rebel. The Legion will take your place after rebellion. Without a rebellion, the scramble period begins after the protection period.

10.4 What can be done to Towns or Counties under protection?

Towns and Counties are called ‘Settlements’ collectively. Under protection, the owner can patrol, reinforce, or abandon the Settlement. Others can incite the Settlement but cannot Scout or attack it.

10.5 What is patrol and what is the benefit?

Towns and Counties are called ‘Settlements’ collectively. Patrol can increase the Security and avoid rebellion. People who patrol will get rewards.

10.6 When can I patrol a Town or County?

You can patrol a Town or County when it’s under protection.

10.7 What is incitement and its effect?

Towns and Counties are called ‘Settlements’ collectively. When a Settlement is under protection, you can incite a Settlement of hostile or neutral players’. A successful incitement will decrease the Security. A too low Security will result in rebellion.

10.8 When can I incite a Settlement?

You can incite a Settlement under protection.

10.9 What is abandoning a Settlement and its effect?

Towns and Counties are called ‘Settlements’ collectively. You can abandon a protected Settlement. The Settlement will then be controlled by the Legion.

10.10 What is Security? Why my Town/my Alliance’s County is controlled by the Legion?

Towns and Counties are called ‘Settlements’ collectively. The too low Security will cause rebellion after which the Legion will take your place.

10.11 What is Fealty and how does it work?

Towns and Counties are called ‘Settlements’ collectively. You’ll get Fealty of your occupied Settlements after a certain period of time. With enough Fealty you’ll get the boost provided by the Settlement. If you lose the Settlement, Fealty will decreases. Please note that Fealty will drop to zero if you abandon a Settlement!

10.12 How to increase Fealty?

Towns and Counties are called ‘Settlements’ collectively. You’ll get Fealty automatically after occupying a Settlement.

10.13 Will Fealty decrease?

Towns and Counties are called ‘Settlements’ collectively. If you lose the Settlement, Fealty will decreases. Please note that Fealty will drop to zero if you abandon a Settlement!

10.14 How many Towns/Counties can I occupy?

The amount of Towns that you can occupy is determined by your Castle level. The amount of Counties that you can occupy is determined by Alliance Research level.

10.15 How to upgrade a Town/County? Will the level decrease?

Towns and Counties are called ‘Settlements’ collectively. Patrol can increase Settlement EXP. Settlements will be upgraded automatically when EXP satisfies the condition. Settlements will not be downgraded.

11. Item & Resource

11.1 How to get resources?

Common ways to gain resources are as follows:

Gather resources on Resource Mines;

Use resource items;

Plunder players’ Cities;

Plunder the Legion Bases;

Collect Quest rewards.

11.2 What’s the difference between Resource Mines of different levels?

Resource Mines of different levels have different resource reserves and the gathering speed on them is different. The higher the level, the more the reserve and the higher the speed.

11.3 How to find a Resource Mine quickly?

Enter into the Kingdom Map and tap on the ‘Magnifier’ button. Than you can search the Resource Mine of specific kind and level within the certain area around your City.

11.4 Why do my resources stop to increase?

You can view the maximum production of a certain kind of resource on the info page of the corresponding building. When your resound is above the limit, the building will no longer produce resound.

Resources gained from using items, gathering or Quests is not limited by maximum production.

11.5 If I am attacked on a Resource Mine, what will happen to my gathered resources?

Your gathered resources won’t be plundered. If your gathered resources are less than the uninjured troops’ loads, they will continue to gather resources. If not, your uninjured troops will bring back resources equal to their loads.

11.6 Why do my Castle’s food decrease?

Your troops will consume the food in the Castle as upkeep. Troops in the Forts also consume food in the Castle.

11.7 Why can’t I gather metal and silver?

You can gather metal and silver when you reach certain levels. Metal for Lv.8 and Silver for Lv.12.

11.8 Can I recall my troops before they finish gathering?

You can recall your troops and they will bring back gather resources.

12. Boost

12.1 Why was my Peace Shield expired earlier than it should be?

When you take following actions towards other players your Peace Shield will expire immediately:



War Rally;




12.2 Do my lord buffs take effect to all whole City (Castle & Forts)?

Lord buffs are effective to your whole City, including your Castle and all Forts.

12.3 Can my Castle and Forts share a Peace Shield?

Peace Shields are separate for your Castle and Forts.

12.4 How to activate buffs?

You can activate buffs in following ways:

Using items;

Activating Alliance Buffs;

Buffs of your position.

12.5 How to activate Alliance buffs?

To activate Alliance buffs requires permissions. Alliance Leader and Vice-Leaders can activate Alliance buffs by using Alliance Fund. After activating an Alliance buff, there will be a cooling down period. You can activate the next buff only when the cooling down period ends. As the Alliance level increases, there will be more buff types, and the buff effect will be more significant.

12.6 How to calculate the effects provided by Speed Boosts?

Formula: Time=Original Time/(1 + Boost)

For example, it needs 10 hours to upgrade a building. With a 50% Construction Boost, the time would be 10/(1+50%)=6.67 hours.

13. Talent & Policy

13.1 What is Talent and how to upgrade it?

Talent provide you with Boosts. You can customize different Preset Talents. By upgrading your Lord level and getting Talent points, you can use Talent points to upgrade Talent.

13.2 What is the use of Preset Talents?

To save and change your Talent.

13.3 What is Talent skill and how to use it?

By using Talent skill you can get corresponding Boosts.

You can use activated skills by tapping on the ‘Talent Sill’ button on the Castle page.

13.4 Can I use more than one talent skill simultaneously?

Yes you can.

13.5 Will Talent Skill cooling down period be refreshed if I resetting the Talent Points?

Resetting Talent will not refresh the cooling down period of Talent Skill.

13.6 If I reset my Talent Points, will the Talent Skill in effect be reset?

The effects of activated Talent Skill will not disappear, unless the effect time is over.

13.7 What is Policy?

A Policy provides Boosts. There are many kinds of Policies. You need to implement one to activate it.

13.8 How to unlock a Policy slot?

A Policy slot will be unlocked automatically with satisfied conditions.

13.9 Will my Policy level be changed if I switch my Policy?

Switching Policy will not change Policy level.

14. Quest

14.1 What is an Activity Quest and how to get the rewards of it?

Activity Quests are refreshed every 23 hours. You’ll get corresponding Points by completing Activity Quests during a period. When Activity Points reach a certain level, you can collect corresponding rewards.

14.2 What is an Exploration Quest and how to get the rewards of it?

Exploration Quests are refreshed every 7 hours. You can spend some time on Exploration Quests and collect the rewards during that period.

There are 2 kinds of Exploration Quests: solo & Alliance. You cannot participate in Alliance Exploration Quests if you’re not in an Alliance.

15. Event

15.1 When do an Event start?

The Elders will hold Events regularly according to the development of each Kingdom. An Alliance Leader can use some Fund to launch Alliance Events. The King can use some Kingdom Wealth to launch King Events.

15.2 Why can’t I get Event Points?

Every Event has its point standard. You can get corresponding points by completing actions the Event requires.

If you can’t get the points, please check whether the Event is in its preview period. You cannot get points in the preview period because the Event hasn’t actually started. Some actions are limited to certain locations. For location limits please check point details.

15.3 What’s the difference between Participation Prize and Ranking Prize of an Event?

As long as you take part in an Event and points are scored, you can get Participation Prize.

When an Event ends, players will be ranked according to their points gained. Top players in the ranking will get their corresponding Ranking Prizes.

15.4 What’s the difference between Kingdom Ranking Prize and World Ranking Prize? Why am I unranked?

In the Kingdom rankings, you’ll compete with players of your Kingdom. In the World Rankings, you’ll compete with players of all Kingdoms.

15.5 How to collect the Event rewards?

Event rewards will be sent to you in mails. You can view and collect rewards in mails.

15.6 What is Series Event?

A Series Event consists of several connected Events. Each separate Event in a Series has its own Participation Prizes and Ranking Prizes. When an Event ends, the next Event starts its review period.

An Event Series has overall points, which is the sum of separate Event points. Event Series has Participation Prizes and Ranking Prizes.

15.7 What are Kingdom Groups in an event?

Kingdoms are sorted into groups in some Kingdom Events. The Kingdoms in your group are friendly Kingdoms. Others are hostile Kingdoms.

16. Trial

16.1 What is a Trial and how many types are there?

A Trial is a special task prepared by the Elders, featuring low casualty rate. You can improve your combat skills through simulated combats in Trials.

16.2 How to do Trials?

You can enter into Trials by tapping the button on the bottom right corner. You can get corresponding rewards by passing Trials.

16.3 How to get Stamina?

Stamina will be refilled automatically after a certain period of time. You can also use Gold to buy Stamina or use some items to add Stamina.

16.4 Why can’t I view some certain Trials?

Trials have level limits. When you reach certain levels, difficult Trials will be unlocked automatically.

16.5 What are Trial stars and how to gain more stars?

Your Trial stars are determined by system according to the combat situation when you pass the Trials. Your combat situation includes duration and the rate of lost Power and original Power.

16.6 What is to raid a Trial?

If you have passed a Trial with 3 stars, you can Raid the Trial. To Raid a Trial only costs Stamina. No battle will happen and you don’t have any loss.

16.7 How to do Alliance Trials and Kingdom Trials?

You can do Alliance Trials on Alliance page. All Alliance members can take part in Alliance Trials and they share the progress. When a Trial is done, the whole Alliance will get rewards. Ranking Prizes are given according to players’ contribution.

16.8 How does the Trial records work? Is there any reward for breaking Trial records?

Trial Records include the lowest Power to pass the Trial and the top 2 damages. You can get rewards by breaking the record.

16.9 What will happen to those injured troops in Trials?

A small part of troops will be turned to exhausted troops. Most troops are still available troops.

16.10 Can I view the Trial history?

Trial reports will not be saved. You cannot view Trial history.

16.11 I keep trying to do one Trial but failed all the time. Are there any tips?

You can change the Formation. Or you can try again when your Power is improved.

17. Legion Base

17.1 How to find a Legion Base quickly?

By tapping the search button on the bottom left corner of the Kingdom Map, you can search the Legion Bases of specific level within the certain area around your City.

17.2 Will the Energy be returned if I recall my march troops before they arrive at the Legion Base?

If you recall your troops before they arrived at the Legion Base, the Energy will be returned to you.

17.3 Will the Energy be returned if the Legion Base got defeated before my troops arrive?

In that case, your Energy will be returned.

17.4 Does it cost energy to attack a burning Legion Base?

To attack a burning Legion Base doesn't cost Energy.

17.5 Can Energy exceed the limit when I use items to add Energy?

Energy added by using items can exceeds the limit.

17.6 Can Energy exceed the limit when I use Gold to buy Energy?

Energy added by purchase can exceeds the limit.

18. Legion Raider

18.1 What are Legion Raiders? What are the rewards for defeating them?

The Legion Raiders are affiliated to the Legion. Your performances in game will bring the attention of the Legion. At some moments, the Legion Raiders will attack your City, Town, Alliance Shrine, County, or even the Wonder of Kingdom. You’ll get abundant rewards when you successfully defend yourself or your Allies.

18.2 What are the attack targets of the Legion Raiders?

The Legion Raiders may attack your City, Town, Alliance Shrine, County or the Kingdom Wonder.

18.3 Why would the Legion Raiders attack my City?

Your actions in game will cause the attention of the Legion Raiders, like gathering, killing, or destroying the Legion Bases. When the Legion believe you are a threat, the Legion Raiders will attack you.

18.4 How to avoid getting attacked by the Legion Raiders?

You can use a Peace Shield to avoid attack.

19. Expedition

19.1 What is an Expedition?

An Expedition is a time-limited Event Map. Players can use permits to enter onto the Expedition Map.

19.2 Where can I view and enter the Expedition?

You can tap the ‘airship’ in your City to view or enter an Expedition.

19.3 Can I teleport my City from an Expedition Map directly to another one?

You cannot teleport your City from one Expedition to another directly. You can enter another Expedition after your City is teleported to your Kingdom Map.

19.4 Can I enter an Expedition from other Kingdom?

You cannot teleport your City from other Kingdom to an Expedition. You can enter an Expedition after your City is teleported to your Kingdom Map.

19.5 Why is there a countdown for the City on Expedition Map? How to reset it?

There is a time limit after you entered an Expedition. When the countdown ends, your City will be teleported to your Kingdom Map.

On Expedition Map, you can use the items of Random Teleport or Advanced Teleport to reset the countdown.

19.6 What’s the use of Mirror City? When does it appear?

When your City is teleported onto the Expedition map, a mirror city takes its place. The City will come back to the previous site when it exits from the Expedition map.

Does it need permissions to place Forts on Expedition Map?

You do not need permissions to place your Forts on Expedition Map.

20. Message

20.1 What it a chat group and how to create one?

A chat group is a conversation group created by a player. Any Kingdom member can join it and the creator will be the manager.

You can create a chat group in following ways:

On the ‘Mail’ - ‘Message’ page, tap on the ‘+’ button and then ‘Create Group’. Then you can create a chat group by following the steps.

On the chat page, tap the chat information of any player, then tap ‘Create Group’ and follow steps to create a chat group. When the group is created, an invitation will be sent to that player.

20.2 How to invite players to a chat group?

Any member in a chat group can invites players to join the group in the following ways:

Tap the menu button on the top right corner of the chat page, then tap ‘Members’ to view member list. When the group is not full, there will be an ‘Add’ button. Tap it and enter nickname to invite the player.

On chat page, tap on the chat info of any player, and tap ‘Group Invite’ and choose a chat group to invite that player.

20.3 How to quit a chat group? Will the group be deleted if I delete the chat?

If you want to quit a chat group, tap the menu button on the top right corner of the chat page. Than tap ‘Leave’ to leave the group.

To delete chats won’t delete the group. On the list, slide the chat you want to delete to the left to view delete option. After you delete this chat, it won’t appear on the list. But if new conversations pop up, you’ll see it again on the list.

20.4 How to transfer a chat group?

The player who created the chat group will be the manager. A manager can:

Change the group name and symbol;

Kick members;

Transfer the title of manager to another player.

You can transfer the manager to another player in following ways:

Tap the info of a group member, tap ‘Transfer Manger’. Tap ‘Confirm’ to transfer manager.

Tap the menu button on chat page, then tap ‘Transfer Manager’ and choose the player. Tap ‘Confirm’ to transfer manager.

When the manager leaves the chat group, the earliest member will become the manager.

21. Lord

21.1 How to switch kingdom?

You can use "Novice Teleport" to immigrate to another kingdom when you are below Lv.5; Once you reach Lv.5, you cannot switch kingdom anymore.

21.2 Can I change my race?

Lord race cannot be changed for now.

21.3 How to gain Lord EXP?

You can gain Lord EXP in following ways:

lDefeat Legion Bases

lPass Trials

lComplete daily Activity Quests

lComplete Growth Quests

Use certain items to directly add Lord EXP

21.4 How to increase the upper limit of Lord level? What will happen to the Lord EXP I gain after the maximal level is reached?

Upgrading the Stronghold of your Castle can increase the upper limit of your Lord level. After you reach the max level, the Lord EXP you gain will be discarded automatically.

22. Others

22.1 How to gain and put on titles? How do the title boosts take effect?

When you accomplish a certain action or task, the system will provide you a title. You can put on/take off/change title by yourself.

Title provides boosts. Some titles are permanent, some have time limit - when time is out, the title and its boosts will disappear as well.

22.2 How to add/delete a bookmark?

On the Kingdom Map, you can save any tile as a bookmark(Tap the site, then tap that bookmark icon). Open your bookmark list by tapping that button on the upper left corner of the screen when you are on kingdom map. You can delete them in the list.

22.3 What's the use of City List?

In the City List, you can view the detailed information of all your cities and locate the coordinates of each one quickly.

22.4 What’s Referrer Code?

Every player has his/her own referrer code. Once a new player successfully enters your referrer code and becomes your referral, when this player reaches to certain levels, both of you will receive rewards. You can refer 10 players at most.

Tap “More” - “Referrer” to view the rules and rewards in details.

Notice: to be able to enter a referrer code, one must meet the following conditions:

Is the first account created on a device;

Castle level below lv.5.

22.5 How to gain the login streak reward?

Everyday when you login the game for the first time, you will automatically receive the login streak reward, no need to collect it manually.

22.6 How to gain the sign-in reward?

Everyday when you login the game for the first time, you can see there is a sign-in reward icon on the right side of the screen, tap it to open the sign-in reward window, then you can sign in and collect the reward. There shows your monthly sign-in rewards and how many days you have signed in.

You can also open it by tapping the castle building “Treasure” - “Login Reward”.

22.7 What’s Treasure Jar?

When you are on the game, you can open the Treasure Jar and get a reward after every random countdown.

When the countdown runs out, there will be a Treasure Jar icon shown in the right side of the screen, tap it to open the window and collect your reward. You can also open it by tapping the castle building “Treasure” - “Treasure Jar”.

22.8 How many leaderboard types are there? How do they calculate the ranking?

There are 4 types of leaderboard:

Solo Aggregate

Solo Weekly

Alliance Aggregate

Alliance Weekly

Solo leaderboard counts the data of individual player, while alliance leaderboard counts the data of alliance;

The “Total” counts data from the very beginning up to now, The “weekly” counts data of every week.

22.9 What’s Secret Order?

A Secret Order is a special code provided by Fingerdance. If you successfully enter a correct Secret Order, you will get rewards!

The hint of Secret Order is mainly released on our Facebook Page, go to like us and get the hint!



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